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A lesson in fashion and art history.

Cruising Etsy this morning and I com across this gorgeous Gucci skirt

This gorgeous skirt in Gucci’s famous ‘Accornero’ print was made in the 1970′s and is an iconic piece from the luxury design house. The skirt is high waisted and features hip pockets and tons of fabric with a gorgeous weight. So chic and easy to wear, this is the perfect piece for a vacation on the Italian Riviera, although it would definitely work closer to home too!”

Umm.. NO? Vittorio Accornero was one of the most iconic artists of that time period and designed some of the most amazing art fashion has ever seen. I had the pleasure of finding four of his Gucci scarves last year. I sold them all, I shouldn’t have but I did, including this one with the most amazing spider I’ve ever seen on it. 

Either way. Google is your friend little Etsy seller, especially if you are selling your stuff at that kind of premium. It’s worth it, but IMHO you don’t have the right to ask that if you don’t even know what you’re selling. 

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