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The Great Toothpaste Test

As longtime fans of Marvis toothpaste, we’ve always been partial to the luxe Italian brand’s classic mint paste (brushing with the creamy formula makes teeth feel super clean). But Marvis is known for their catalogue of unique flavors—oh hi, ginger and cinnamon—which is why we decided that it was high time to give other contenders a chance. We asked our editors to test out several flavors so we could figure out which ones we should put at the top of our lists. Here’s what they had to say:

1.  Whitening Mint: 

"The taste is nice and strong, kind of like a tic-tac! It’s a little chalkier, but if that’s the price I have to pay for whiter teeth, I’m okay with that." - Bene

2.  Classic Strong Mint: 

"I use it at home and I’ve noticed that the sweet mint flavor is truly long-lasting, not like “Listerine long-lasting," but longer than other toothpastes. Overall, it’s a good comforting and familiar flavor." —Martin

3.  Aquatic Mint: 

"I’ve never tasted a toothpaste like this; it almost has a lavender undertone. It’s like a super refreshing minty-floral explosion." —Lorelei

4.  Cinnamon Mint: 

"This one tastes like Big Red gum. The cinnamon really comes through but it’s not too spicy, so it’s still pleasant and refreshing." —Candice

5.  Ginger Mint:

"First off, I love the orange packaging; it’s really bright and cheery. It smells really nice, like fresh ginger, and I like the spicy kick." —Ally

Which flavor are you dying to try?

—Geraldine & Katrina

Flaunt your pearly whites with a bright summer pout recommended by Seventeen magazine.

Aquatic Mint in our bathroom!

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